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The MASE-UIC network ( Manual for the Improvement of Company Safety) aims to propose, without distinction of activity or particular industral sector, the simplest and most effective possible approach to progress. 

The objectives are to :

  • Improve Safety, Health at work and the Environment (HSE) though a management system adapted to the company. 
  • Better organization, better communication, by improving the conditions of intervention of employees.
  • Manage risks in workshops and on worksites for sites with industrial processes. 


Manual for the Improvement of Company Safety  
Union of Chemical Industries (translated by Union des Industries Chimiques)

(e) CO²

By adhering to the (e) CO² program, we are making an unconstrained contribution to the fight against global warming. (e) CO² is a program aimed at offsetting the carbon emissions linked to the transport of waste entrusted to the Schroll company.  


Alsace CST supports a reforestation project in Peru implemented by the association Coeur de la Forêt and the Pur Projet collective. This contribution enables the implementation of environmental, economic, and social projects that protect biodiversity and ensure a sustainable income for the populations involved.

 CO2 compensation
 Commitment certificate




Approved CIR (Research Tax Credit): This approval permits you to benefit from tax credit (30%) on the R&D expenses that you subcontract of our engineering office.